Spiritual Lessons from a Labrador Retriever

Our Labrador Retriever Scout is much older now, but since she came into our lives in December 2005, she's taught me a lot about life and love...especially God's love for us.

While these stories are not as verbatim as the Parallelables (when God speaks and shows me an illustration), these lessons were typically epiphanies I had while spending time with Scout out in the yard.

Whether you have a dog of your own, or not, I think you'll enjoy the delightfully simple ways God uses those (people and animals) around us to provide insight into some of life's mysteries.

"Good Girl, Scoutie." 

Check out these spiritual lessons from "Rev. Scout": 

  1. Retrieving the Retriever
  2. Scout Got Out Again

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  1. Coming soon to the "Reverend Scout" page:

    "Trespassing Tennis Balls"


    "Scanning The Back Yard".