What did it take to get online and build the Parallelables Blog from scratch with zero budget?

03DEC13:  Day One...Finally online.  Decided to use Blogger because it was free and it integrates well with all other Google products.

05DEC13:  Created the ABOUT US page

07DEC13:  Created the REACH OUT (Contact) page

10DEC13:  Added Email Address Collector and Feedburner to Home Page

15JAN14:  Posted first "Real" (content wise) Parallelable post - "Empty Canvas In a Room Full of Paint"

12FEB14:  Added the ability to post directly from my phone to the blog.  Chose the option to post as a "Draft", which allowed me to basically store my rough drafts on the blog until I could edit what I sent from my phone.  This made things a lot more efficient, and reduced the stress of keeping the backlog of Parallelables exclusively on my phone in memo form.  And, it seems to work well for me to edit a few of the entries without publishing until all the components (including scripture verses are in place).

24FEB14:  In an effort to remove most of the "become a fan of Kevin" components from the blog, I did some heavy editing to the site.  Removed the "REACH OUT" page.  Moved the profile (with picture) down to the very bottom of the page.  The idea being that I "do not go beyond what is written" (1COR4:6).

24FEB14:  Posted second "Real" (content wise) Parallelable post  - "Captive Audience"

16MAR14:  Added the "REVEREND SCOUT" Page

07MAY2014:  Added the "RESOURCES" page and Amazon Associates links

08MAY2014:  Changed the definition of "parallelable" FROM "an illustration used by God to reveal wisdom in relation to one or more personal struggles" TO "a recollection of illustrations used by God, via the Holy Spirit, to reveal wisdom for overcoming personal struggles in order to live the Christian life more fully". BECAUSE 

  1. God revealed His wisdom in His Word (the Bible) which includes Jesus' parables.  
  2. He (God) used an illustration in Kevin's life to reiterate (parallel) (to Kevin) the wisdom that is in His (God's) Word.  
  3. Subsequently, Kevin is merely telling the story of how God used illustration(s) to reveal wisdom to him (Kevin) for the sole purpose of sharing those stories (parallelables) so that... 
  4. God might bless others in real time as they read the story (parallelable) of the illustration, which will be just as valid to the reader because it parallels God's wisdom which is present in His (God's) Word (and the words of Jesus' parables)
27MAY2014:  On the RESOURCES page, added a brief narrative description of each reference which included Amazon Associates text links in addition to the widgets for the references on Amazon.com.

18JUN2014:  Added a Google Contact form on the bottom of the page.  This is an attempt to start an email list without using Mail Chimp or Aweber, which require an address to attach to every email that gets broadcast to an official email list.  I hope to one day have to get a business address and begin using one of those services...but until then, I'm just going to add any emails that I receive on the contact form (in my gmail account) to my homemade email list.

18JUN2014:  I also added a popular post gadget at the bottom of the page, so that folks can take action by reading other posts that I have written.  Pat Flynn says to always have a call to action (or something for your audience to do) when they come to the end of your post.

27JUL2014:  After listening to an extremely helpful podcast episode from a high profile blogger, which included a very valuable giveaway, I linked to the Reverend Scout page on this site in the comment section of the podcast site (per the instructions to compete in the giveaway).  I noticed an increase in blog traffic due to the number of people who visited from my comment.

06AUG2014:  Added a Poll Question in the sidebar:  Which of the following do you struggle with the most on a daily basis? Apathy / Indifference, Envy, Gluttony / Over Consumption, Greed, Laziness, Lust, Pride / Vanity / Arrogance, Rage.  The purpose for the poll question is to attempt to find more about the audience.
UPDATE (12/20/2014): removed poll from blog.  No engagement since August.

06AUG2014:  Listened to "Walking in the Spirit" by Pastor Brian Biggers at The Lamb's Chapel in Haw River, NC.  This one message helped me understand and further define the journey that I'm on.  He called it "The Great Transition".  I'm learning to walk in the Spirit.  And just like learning to walk when you're a child, you'll fall...but you get back up and try again.  Eventually, you'll get good at it, and can learn to run.  THE TARGET AUDIENCE OF THIS BLOG IS CHRISTIANS WHO ARE TIRED OF STRUGGLING WITH THE SAME SINS, AND ARE LEARNING THAT THERE IS A DAILY STRUGGLE BETWEEN THE FLESH AND THE SPIRIT...AND IF WE ARE TO HAVE ABUNDANT LIFE, WE MUST LEARN TO WALK IN THE SPIRIT.  By the way, you're going to love the messages available at The Lamb's Chapel's website.

26DEC2014:  moved the "Subscribe to receive post notifications by email via Feedburner" opt-in to the bottom of the page beside the sign up to the "Friends of Parallelables" Christmas card email list opt-in.  We'll see if it makes a difference.

24JUN2015:  Launched sister Christian blog site TheFlowingWell.com with my Aunt Carolyn

14JAN2016:  Began redirecting the MoreThanSaved.com domain to the Parallelables blog.

02FEB2017:  Became an Affiliate for and installed a searchable link for Christian books and accessories from Christianbook.com in the sidebar of the site.

13FEB2017:  Converted most of the affiliate links on the RESOURCE page from Amazon Associate links to ChristianBook.com Affiliate links

12MAY2017:  Changed text on Subscribe gadget from "Subscribe to receive the latest Parallelables blog post by email" to "SUBSCRIBE".  Also changed "Before you go, consider grabbing your spot on the "Friends of Parallelables" Email List" to Join Email List.

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