Day One

Here it leap of faith.

I have been preparing to start the Parallelables blog for a long time, and today seemed like the day to jump right in.

Give me a few days, and stop back by.

As you may have seen in the tagline, I intend to share with you, the illustrations from my personal experience that God uses to provide wisdom and insight into other areas of my life that I am struggling with simultaneously.

For example, I've come to realize that in order to more fully be of service to God, I must renew my mind, and gain control over my thoughts (especially the more impure thoughts).  All sin begins with a thought. Thoughts lead to action.

So, after 42 years of entertaining just about every thought that popped into my head...I'm seeking to engage in what Joyce Meyer calls the "Battlefield of the Mind".

And throughout this journey, I have had (and continue to have) many questions.  And quite frequently, God uses the most unlikely sources from my everyday life, to provide insight into these questions of mine.

Here are some parallelables you can look forward to hearing about in the upcoming weeks:  Hol(e)y underwear and a renewed mind; empty toilet paper rolls and ignoring God in the good times; and clogged shower drains and remaining in sin.

As you may have noticed, many of the illustrations are revealed during shower time.

Thanks for joining me on this journey.  I pray that the Lord will bless these words, so that they may become an avenue for further blessings to all who read them.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have a lot of front end work that needs to be taken care of.  Don't worry, the blog will eventually become more visually interesting.


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